9 Infographics marketers need to see

We all love infographics and the way they make information more clear, entertaining, and telegraphic. Here are nine such illustrations tailored for the viewing pleasure of the inquisitive marketer.

Digital marketing budget trends 2012

It’s all about you. Well, all about you and people like you. Here’s a summary of digital marketing budget trends for 2012, made simple and tasty looking.

Mobile marketing statistics

It’s a bit large for actually viewing on a phone, but for a solid overview of mobile marketing globally, this one’s hard to beat.

One nation, under video

We all know that online video consumption has grown rapidly. This clean and simple infographic shows you just how far it’s come — and how fast!

The digital lives of American moms

This is a great overview of moms online, from the kings of consumer data. In one small strip, here’s a profile of the American mom and her relationship with digital media. How about that Pinterest, eh?


Marketer interest in SoLoMo has grown remarkably quickly, and that growth’s just getting started. Here’s a great summary of the space that gives you all the evidence you need to know that this is a significant part of the future of digital.

Consumer privacy

This interesting infographic demonstrates the growing interest in consumer privacy and strategies to keep data safer. While marketers aren’t the target here, its very existence shows that this issue ain’t going away.

Digital signage

Don’t know much about digital signage? You should. It’s growing fast, and its potential proximity to the point of sale means that it can be useful when ROI is paramount. All the signs are here.

Customer loyalty

Loyalty is something we all think about, but this infographic makes the process by which it is built simple and telegraphic.

Facebook 2012

The meteoric rise of this now-dominant web property is made visual in this beautiful and oh-so-informative infographic.