Blippr: Twitter Meets Reviews

Am I the only person with a long attention span anymore? As sad as it makes me when I write a white paper and people tell me they only read the summary, it is a fact that in our current world we have access to so much info that one can be hard pressed to delve in deeply other than So You think You Can Dance.

Another thing to think about is how lots of times our opinions of things can be best stated in a single sentence. And that is the marvelous idea behing Blippr, a service I was introduced to by my business partner Cory Treffiletti.

Blippr lets people leave 160 character reviews of media — movies, music, DVDs, games, etc. — that can then be enjoyed by an interested in public. ad lest we forget our 14 year old brothers and sisters, you also get to choose a smiley for your message!

I went over to the site and liked what I saw. First a two line reg form. Perfecto! Then I got to reading some blips and found them very engaging, far mroeso than I would expect was possible in a text.

Here’s what one person said about the Juno movie:

OVERRATED! My dislike for this film is augmented by everyone else’s inability to see how much it sucks. Cringeworthy dialogue, unlikable characters, lameness.

And another about the band Alarm and its Standards album:

The Alarm is one of those great 80’s rock bands that never made it as big as U2. I always thought they were better than u2. The CD has all the greatest songs.

It reminded me of that “in five seconds video series on YouTube:

You get the spirit. So in closing, I thought I would try to give a review in 160 characters:

Blippr is great. Twitter meets revewing. 160 character reviews from regular people. You get the gist fast. Get Blipping at

Thanks for reading, And don’t forget to write.