Don’t Miss This Data Driven Marketing and Tag Management Webinar!

We’ve got an exciting webinar on the way at Mediaplex. Join us on April 18 at 1PM Eastern for a presentation in association with Forrester Research on Data Driven Marketing and Tag Management. 

Brand leaders are working hard to make “data-driven marketing” a reality for themselves and their teams. Websites can be an incredibly rich source of marketing data, but most marketing organizations use tag management and data collection methods that are outdated, incomplete and error prone.

Join our guest, Senior Forrester Reasearch Analyst James McCormick and Mediaplex President David A. Yovanno as they discuss the importance of accurate website data and tag management.

You will learn:

  •  The 6 tenets of marketing intelligence and effective data collection

  •  Why effective and accurate site tagging is critical

  •  How brands are changing the ways they manage website tags

  •  The 4 leading tag management myths and why they matter

  •  How tag management helps marketing agility and site performance

  •  The 5 tag management “must haves” for today’s marketer

It’s time to get real about your website data and how tag management can help you achieve your business goals.

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