FriendBinder: Keeping Tabs With Your World

I am not the first person to point out the inherent complexity of keeping track of your connections across multiple social networks. Heck, I am not the million and first. But the need is there.

Imagine it’s a Friday and you want to find something to do with your peeps. Where do you start? FaceBook? MySpace? Bebo? Any of a thousand of other sites?

Well, the people at FriendBinder want you to start with them. The premise behind this site is simple: aggregate the news from multiple social venues in a single place where you can peruse it en masse.

Here’s their elevator pitch from Tech Crunch:

Additional tools essentially allow you to rank your friends or put them in circle and by doing so enable filters on FriendBinder to help you quickly focus on what you are interested in from what could very well be a veritable mountain of updates.

Currently in private beta, FriendBinder is just getting its start. It’s not the only site that is working to help people make sense of the complexity of social media, but it is very clean and easy to use. Definitely worth a click to check it out, both as a personal service and as a potential future venue for highly targeted advertising efforts.

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