Tourism Ireland Kicks It

May I say that for this Hibernophile it gets no better than flashmob + Irish dancing as a publicity stunt for Tourism Ireland. There are two vids here. The first is the classic flashmob approach. Lovely. The second is an AR program in which people are joined by real and imaginary Irish dancers. I think the partcipant comment that says it all is “I wanted to be beamed straight to Ireland.”

For those that don’t know, the Irish economy is in the pooper. Horrible problems, thousands of empty houses, rising emigration after years of virtually full employment.

So  I think it’s marvelous that:

A. The government has the foresight to continue funding the Tourism Ireland boards. Nothing yields return like tourism.
B. That the Boards are using whizbang technology to INVOLVE people in brand Ireland.

While my country produces new TV ads that are…well fine but hardly breakthrough…little ole Ireland is showing us all how it is done!

I am a little biased about Irish tourism as I have been there 14 times (really).

Bravo Bord Failte!