Just So We Are All Clear, The Gay Agenda Is That We All Eat Butternut Squash Bisque

How do I know this? Was I faxed the talking points today?

Nope, this article in Ad Age says that the American Family Association — they of the seemingly endless lists of companies to boycott for promoting gay imagery and ideas, and of course the dreaded agenda — have enlisted their supposedly considerable membership in a letter writing campaign to get The Campbell Soup Company to stop advertising the gay agenda in gay publications. For you see, this ad

that ran in The Advocate, clearly shows two lezzers in their diabolical plot to shred marriage from coast to coast by serving their children (can you IMAGINE!) Butternut Squash Bisque. Not soup, mind, but bisque. That there alone tells you it’s the gay agenda tawkin’. Bisque indeed.

Anyway, look at the evil in that photo. The horns cleverly hidden in a hairstyle last seen on Rosie the Riveter (no doubt how Rosie liked her toast buttered, eh?)

I think we should all take the lead of former Presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani, and speak out against the tyranny of these two clearly evil women.

I for one just (this is true) came home from a trip to buy six cans of Swanson broth.

And to the AFA, I can only say…

…get yourself a feckin’ life, you pissant little lunkheads living out in Roob Valhalla.