New Conversant Whitepaper on Cross-Device

One of the reasons why I so appreciate working at Conversant is the company’s commitment to providing valuable, non-selly content to hep buyers at agencies and brand direct alike to make better decisions on the critical topics that can make a huge difference to their success.

Digital is or can seem mindbogglingly complicated, so inasmuch as Conversant, Inc. has strong expertise in the many technologies and innovations, we can help the industry make better decisions. Whether or not you buy from us, though of course I very much hope that you do. Cross-device is one of the topics where getting better information out to decision makers can make a big difference.

Conversant has just published a new paper on cross device that offers six simple tips or things to look for as you  contemplate your options. All of our content is free for download. You can do so on SlideShare or on the increasingly massive Insights and Ideas section of our website.