Raanker: Simple, Carefree Voting

People like being counted. They like to have their opinions matter. That is the spirit behind, a divertive little site that lets people submit voting contents, and be counted.

So what does that mean. Well, its an enormous polling place, where site visitors can vote on most anything. For example, here’s a vote on the best pizza chain – in progress:

So, not complicated, and yes, addictive. They sell advertising, so that’s where the money comes from.

I was reminded by the site, which debuted a couple of years ago letting people voice their views in unscientific polls that get forwarded to Congress, etc. Where they are ignored, I would imagine, but I have no insider info on that score. Well, Raanker’s mission is broader, so perhaps the traffic will come. There’s a certain kind of person that votes and votes and votes, so they may end up with pretty solid traffic, indeed.

Thanks for reading, and don’t forget to write.