Video Ads for Little Guys

As the web moves inexorably from text to video centric, small and medium sized businesses are between the granite and the concrete wall, eh?

Not if you buy into the concept of Spotmixer, an online application that lets advertisers create online video ads using a combination of stock and video assets.

Amateur ads are nothing new.

But being able to create a video ad using a simple tool that works like the Microsoft video maker is an idea that will be a welcome arrival for many small businesses. Using such ads, such marketers can gain a presence in Youtube, Google Video Adwords, and the like. I don’t think they’re ready for TV, but then there’s more to life than the big box.

See some of these ads here:

If you’re a little guy, or someone who has trouble justifying 6 digit costs for :30s, it may be your new best friend.

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