Yahoo Debuts New Profiles

CNET has an excellent post about the new Yahoo profiles, which are a critical early step to transforming Yahoo into an enormous social community.

There is apparently a large group of people who are ticked off about the change, principally because the debut of the old profiles blotted out the info in the old ones, so folks gotta type again.

But I have to say that the demise of the old profiles (not the info wipeout) was no big loss. As a matter of fact, it was no loss at all. Let’s face it, the old profiles were very…1996. Now, this is not to say that the angry have no right to their annoyance. But the move is going to be a huge step forward overall for most users that participate, because it is the beginning of a new utility for our use of Yahoo. Here are a couple of screens of the new profile from the CNET post:

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